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If you have lost motivation to exercise, that is, you don’t really want to go to the gym, then this article will help you. I will tell you why you lose motivation and how to fix it. What motivational films and videos about sports you should watch and much more. Let’s go!

An important part of success as an athlete, is to work on yourself and your habits. For example, to force yourself to do one and the same exercise, so that in the future to bring it to automatism and thanks to this get a high result. For this you need constant motivation to train, and routine eats away at your desire.

Many people are hesitant and lazy when taking the first step. But it is necessary to overcome this barrier, to spit on the opinions of others, to put in the effort and time to achieve the goals. There are many stories in which people made great discoveries, invented new things, performed feats, etc. But what drove them to do it? These people were driven by psychological factors. Someone had a quarrel with their girlfriend, someone was fired from their job, someone close to them died, a difficult financial situation arose, etc. Only then, people started to act and achieve the highest achievements.

Why motivation disappears

The reasons that prevent us from training steadily are routine and laziness. That’s why we often give up working out or stop doing the things we’re used to. But where does laziness itself come from? The answer lies in people’s psychology. There is a simple example of this explanation. If a person does not get the desired result from the work done, his mood changes in a negative direction. Another opinion and criticism from people can also have a negative impact on one’s mood. This leads to psychological instability and if a person is weak, he/she simply gives up.

Strong people don’t look for reasons for their failures. They fight negative thoughts every day. Believe me it is a big job and it requires a strong spirit.

Routine. Very often the training plan is repeated from week to week. Athletes do the same exercises, and in the end it gets very boring. Training becomes boring and apathy sets in. Overcoming the routine can be done in simple ways – by changing the environment (gym), changing the training program, setting new goals. Perhaps these are the most basic things that will help you re-invigorate and move forward to achieve your goals.

How to start achieving your goals

Now let’s talk about the most important thing of all. So how do you change your mindset and start achieving your goals?

  • First and foremost, focus on solving the problem, not the problem itself.
  • Never blame others for your problems, but rather take full responsibility.
  • Capitalize on the problem. Learn from mistakes.
  • Enjoy the present without being stuck in the past.
  • Emphasize personal development, don’t neglect it.
  • Widen your comfort zone, don’t stay in one zone all the time.
  • Set goals.
  • Learn to plan. Always have different plans.
  • Work hard. Sharpen your skills every day!

It is very important to get over the fear factor of goals first. Try to start small. As they say, “Moscow was not built at once” – a good example. Lose weight, or build a sculpted abs – it all takes effort and time. Many people just don’t see progress and give up on the idea. Motivation is what it takes to achieve these goals.

How to make yourself go for a workout

From personal experience I would say – set yourself a goal, pay attention to famous athletes, find an idol for yourself and follow their lifestyle on social media. It really helps, because this is the 21st century and we can get a lot of information about our idols. Watch competitions, in the sports you are interested in, on the internet or on TV.

Motivate yourself with powerful music. Everyone has a favourite genre of music. Most athletes listen to it when they train, before important competitions or before going to sleep. It’s hard to imagine our life without music, because it gives us positive emotions and energy. A powerful vocal or a pleasant melody gives a psychological boost to the brain. So if you like any artist or genre, recharge your brain with their songs. Pick your own playlist and enjoy the music.

  • 3 Doors Down;
  • Static-X;
  • Nickelback;
  • Rage Against The Machine;
  • DMX;
  • Limp Bizkit;
  • The Crystal Method;
  • and others.

The best motivational sports films

A lot of sports movies have the power to motivate a person greatly. Motion pictures immerse us in the reality that is happening on the screen. We begin to imagine ourselves in the place of the characters. There are a lot of sports movies, and everyone can find motivating movies for their ‘specialty’. For instance, if you’re a boxer, a martial arts film would suit you; for football and hockey players, films about their respective sports.

For me personally, movies are a great way to both relax and energize me for my training.

A list of motivational films on different sports:

  • Rocky – all parts – (Boxing);
  • Legend #17 – (Hockey);
  • Moving Up – (Basketball);
  • Goal 1 – (Football);
  • Goal 2 – (Football);
  • Left-handed – (Boxing);
  • Favourite – (Equestrian);
  • Knockdown – (Boxing);
  • Coach Carter – (Basketball);
  • All or nothing – (American Football);
  • The Invisible Side – (American Football);
  • Karate Kid – (Karate).

Each film is good in its own way, namely its atmosphere, the protagonist’s character, the successes and wise lines of the characters. It is cool to hear motivating words or phrases from your favourite characters. They reach deep into our subconscious and move us. Again, there are a lot of motivational films and they don’t necessarily have to be about sports.

Some films motivate you to succeed in finance, others motivate you to travel, and there are films that motivate you to live!

Various championships and tournaments in different sports that are broadcast on TV are very motivating.

Motivational videos and documentaries

It is very educational to watch documentaries about famous athletes. You can learn a lot about a professional athlete in these films. Often they talk about the athlete’s path to glory, their family life and their social life.

I recommend watching the following documentaries about such athletes as:

  • Muhammad Ali;
  • Tyson;
  • Fedor Emelianenko;
  • Conor McGregor;
  • Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • David Beckham;
  • Pele.

There have long been useful YouTube channels and motivational training videos. Just look at Jeff Cavalier alone, who gives the most useful information on pumping your body for free. He talks in detail about the effectiveness of exercises, mistakes athletes make, and much more.

Motivation for sport. Conclusion

The question of motivation is asked by people who do not see a goal in front of them. No goal – no desire, and therefore no motivation. The psychological factor is to blame. For myself, I have concluded that the best motivation for me are films about sports and individual videos about athletes.

A lot of examples serve as motivation – role models, achieving results (satisfaction), self-confidence, a positive attitude. Never forget, you can achieve anything you want if you put in the effort. The first step is the most difficult step. But it is worth the effort. Its importance is very great. You are pushed from your seat and the subsequent steps already serve to maintain your momentum.

I hope you have found the information useful, work on yourself and get results in the goals you have set for yourself.

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